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Dear participants at the Open Tibia Spain Course,


Some of you may have heard about COEM, a relatively new non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the care of orthopedic injuries in Cameroon. This organization is led by former Hospital Niño Jesús Clinical Lead, Dr. Tomás Epeldegui. Dr. Epeldegui is a worldwide known orthopedic surgeon, specialized in pediatric surgery. This NGO is dedicated to the care patients who suffer from orthopedic injuries en Cameroon, aiming to improve the care by teaching locals, by means of one expedition per month.


If you could donate any trauma hardware (plates and screws, intramedullary nails), instruments (reduction tools, pick-ups, rongeurs, loops, etc), or even power instruments. These tools will be transported by COEM staff, and be used in Hospital Notre Dame de la Sante, in the city of Dschang. Kindly note that these items need to be able to fit into a suitcase.


Should you have any items to donate, please drop them off at the Open Tibia Spain Course in Valladolid.


We thank you for your support for this project.





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